Frequently Asked Questions

We are the trusted livestock importer and supplier to your local pet dealer for many decades!
Inspect the fish when it arrives. If you don't like it, leave it. (Do a web search for tropical fish overnight delivery nightmares.)

If the fish dies within 14 days, contact us for a one time replacement.
Although we do not ship fish out directly, we do have members that can ship out. Please message us for more information.

Please see our list of participating stores.
There are no shipping charges ever!!! We delivery your new pets in our climate controlled deliver vans to your local pet store.
Yes, click here for special requests.
Sorry, walk in trade is not allow at our facility.
No, we do not. Nevertheless, if you cannot find them at your local pet shop, please contact us.
Yes, we do. Si, nosotros hablamos español.
It means when setting up a new tank you should allow bacteria to be stablished with a period of 30 days, please contact us for more details.
Yes, please see your local pet shop for more information.
Please contact us, and we can help you out.
See your local pet shop's pick up time on this map.
Yes, always use tap water conditioners.
No. Only fish from tropical areas need a heater.
Yes, keep the temperature at approximately 78 degrees fahrenheit.
Place your livestock and water from the bag that they are in, into a clean container that will accommodate at least triple the amount of water in the bag.

Do not add anything to the acclimation water as we have already added a proprietary ammonia neutralizer to the shipping water that your livestock was delivered in.

Make a siphon out of flexible airline tubing and a plastic airline flow control valve (available from your local pet shop that you picked up your order at).

Connect the control nozzle to one end of the tubing and place that end in your bucket and the other end into your tank. Start a siphon by sucking on one end of the tubing (Make sure the control valve is fully open). Watch the tubing as it fills with water and use your finger to cap the end of the tubing when the water reaches the flow control valve.

Adjust the flow from the valve to 2-4 drops a second. Lower the flow control valve into your container. It should take roughly 1 hour for the volume to triple. Discard some of the water after the volume in the container has doubled.

Please leave your tank light off for the first 24 hours.

Discard the water from your container.

Please click here for an instructional video on the process.
Yes, but due to the fact that there growth is being stunted from poor water quality.

Similar to how a bonsai trees' growth is stunted.

A filter manufacturer usually bases a certain size filter for a certain size tank with a certain amount of fish.
It varies from fish to fish. We would be pleased to help you. Please ask us.
Our inventory is accurate but not 100% precise.

Even though the website says your fish is in stock, we still need to confirm that your fish available and ok to deliver.

If it is not in stock, we can usually have it ready for the following week.
We receive four new shipments per week.
1. Go to the store you selected for pick up.

2. Give your order number to the store clerk.

3. Inspect your order.

4. If satisfied, take the fish home, and acclimate.