Betta Male
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Betta Male

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Bettas originate from Thailand. Wild habitats include still bodies of water like rice paddies, swamps, roadside ditches, ponds and slow moving streams. Bettas possess a breathing organ known as the labyrinth, which permits the fish to breathe atmospheric air that they "gulp" from the surface of their habitat. This specialized organ allows them to inhabit oxygen poor environments unsuitable for most fish.

Bettas naturally inhabit still water environments so filters and aerators that produce a lot of water flow and surface agitation should be avoided. 

Wild-collected fish prefer soft acidic water with a ph between 5.0 to 7.0, but captive strains will tolerate a wide range of water parameters.

Bettas are popular but are generally not recommended for the standard community aquarium. Individual fish may tolerate other species, but carful consideration should be given to it's tankmates. Tank mates that do not occupy the surface of the aquarium are a good choice. Like smaller catfish and loaches. Tankmates with long flowing fins should be avoided.

Male bettas will build a "bubble nest" when conditions permit.





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